Mom Stays in the Picture

Have you ever read the Huffington Post article titled The Mom Stays in the Picture?  It was written by Allison Tate last year shortly after Katie Wynn was born and it challenges mothers everywhere to step out from behind the camera lens and get in the picture with their kids, to stop worrying about the way your body looks and capture the way you look at them, to let them see you love them and wrap them in hugs.  I love this line from Allison:

I am not perfect to look at and Iā€™m not perfect to love, but I am perfectly their mother.

I guess this article was the inspiration for this series of monthly pictures.  They are far from perfect of either of us, but they are of us together and to me, that's perfection.

Sadly, this is the series I will probably stop first, assuming I continue on with any of them.  While I love these memories of us sitting on the steps together, they are by far the hardest to execute.  Namely because I have to have someone else around to snap the pictures, but also because my little wiggle worm is far more interested in all the dirt/bugs/flowers/grass/neighbors/etc that greet us when we step out onto the porch than to sit on the step with me.   So I'll treasure these twelve months' worth of pictures and if we happen to get any more, that'll just be icing on the cake.

B - 1 month.jpg
B - 2 months.jpg
B - 3 months 2.jpg
B - 4 months.JPG
B - 5 months.jpg
B - 6 months.jpg
B - 7 months.JPG
B - 8 months.JPG
B - 9 months.JPG
B - 10 months.JPG
B - 11 months.JPG
B - 12 months.JPG

So for all you moms out there reading this, I now challenge you to go take a picture of you with your babies.  Keep Mom in the picture!