12 Months!

I am so glad that I took these monthly pictures of Katie Wynn.  I love looking back at them and seeing how much she has changed.  I'm really glad she stopped crying after the first couple months.  Smiles are much better to look at!

If you'll remember, I did three different types of monthly photos.  I'll be posting all of them in these next three posts.  This set is the most traditional type - just my girl in her chair every month with a chalkboard sign. 

A - 1 month.jpg
A - 2 months.jpg
A - 3 months.jpg
A - 4 months.jpg
A - 5 months.jpg
A - 6 months.jpg
A - 7 months.JPG
A - 8 months.JPG
A - 9 months.JPG
A - 10 months.JPG
A - 11 months.JPG
A - 12 months.jpg

Apparently I'm really bad at adjusting the white-balance on my camera since these all have such different coloring!  One day I'll learn.  Pics with Mom coming up next!