My Girl

How is it possible that I've only posted one time during the month of November?  I think this is the worst I've ever done with blogging since I started back in 2006!

Since today my sweet girl turns 14 months old, I thought it'd be a good time to give a quick update on her.  I feel like she has learned SO much since her first birthday and my last update.  We're really starting to get to see her personality come out, and she keeps us laughing all day everyday!

She gets so excited every time she sees a cat.  And when she does see one - either in real life or in a book - she makes the funnies little back-of-throat growl sound.  Kinda like "kerrrrr." She does it so much that usually you can ask her, "What do you say to a kitty cat?" and she'll respond with "kerrrrr."  I'm sure anyone else thinks it's crazy and that it's the wrong answer since it's not "meow," but to us it's pretty hilarious.

Katie Wynn LOVES to steal drinks, especially if you're using a straw.  Last weekend we had Sonic for lunch after church and she pitched a FIT since she didn't have a Sonic cup like everyone else.  We finally gave in and filled one with water for her to have.  She was so pleased!  

Fall 2013 1.JPG
Fall 2013 2.JPG

It really is amazing to me how much she is able to comprehend these days.  She does a great job following simple instructions.  She can put things up that she's gotten out, or refill a box that she's emptied, or take something to Daddy, etc.  When did she become so grown up?

Fall 2013 3.JPG

As far as tricks go, Katie Wynn definitely knows where her toes are.  She knows shoes go on her feet too, and will often try to help put them on.  We're working on learning where her nose is; she gets it right about 50% of the time.  Her babysitter, Mrs. Kim, has been teaching her how to blow kisses, which this mama loves (when she actually does it)!  If you ask where her belly is, not only will she know exactly where, she'll lift her shirt or dress to show you! 

Fall 2013 4.JPG
Fall 2013 5.JPG

My mom has taught Katie Wynn how to throw her hands on top of her hand if you say "Oh no!" We laugh every time, which makes her do it over and over again....and you know she expects us to do it too!  How is it that kids are able to get adults to do the silliest things?


While she does keep us in stitches and we do tend to think she's the cutest thing ever, it's not always roses and rainbows.  Part of that personality that's starting to come out is a cranky toddler heading into the terrible twos.  We don't see it much, but when it comes out, watch out!  She'll whine to be held or refuse to eat dinner.  One day I wouldn't pick her up so she sat down on the ground, laid down, and got ready to really throw a fit.  I started laughing so much that she laughed too, and that temper tantrum she was about to dive into got derailed.  I'm sure we'll get a real one in the future, though!


So that's a quick update on the fun we're having with our sweet little girl.  Why can't she just stay little like this forever?

I hope to be back soon with some info on a renovation that happened at our house this week.  Exciting things are happening!

For now, I'll leave you with this last picture of Katie Wynn.  She's been super busy checking things off her To Do list!

Fall 2013 6.jpg