Playing Catch Up

It's cold.  I know I've said it before, and I'll probably say it again, but I hate cold weather.  My body just doesn't function well in it.  It's like it literally freezes up and I can't move.  Add to that the time change and the fact that I now have to turn on my lights to drive home from work at five o'clock because it's so dark, and my seasonal affective disorder feels like it's setting in.  When it's cold and dark, I find myself crawling into bed around 8:00 every night and before you know it, I've gone over two weeks without blogging.  Oops!

Mom and I have been super busy lately getting ready for a craft show we're participating in tomorrow.  Every free minute has been spent out in the shop cutting, sanding, and painting things, so that's cut into my blogging time too.  Thank goodness Mom retired last year because we definitely wouldn't be ready for this show if it weren't for her hard work everyday!  It's pretty much become her full time job.  After tomorrow, I know we will both be ready to take a break.

Have you started Christmas shopping yet?  I decided my goal for November was going to be to get all my shopping done and hopefully get my gifts wrapped.  The goal hasn't been met yet, but I did place a LOT of online orders this week.  Tis the season for packages on the doorstep everyday!  My first purchased gift arrived yesterday and I've already got it wrapped.  Maybe if I wrap them as they come in, it won't seem so daunting a task?  And I guess I'll have to do them at night after my "helper" goes to sleep.

Speaking of Christmas, why do so many people have their trees up already??  It seems like they start going up earlier and earlier every year.  I've already seen several lit up in windows in our neighborhood.  Poor Turkey...he just gets overshadowed every year, doesn't he?  We'll put ours up the weekend after Thanksgiving.  How does that work with a one-year-old?  Anyone have any advice on how to get her to leave it alone?

Well, I've mentioned Christmas and Thanksgiving now, but when I last wrote, it was time for Halloween!  We put Katie Wynn's costume on her one last time to attempt to do some trick-or-treating.  We just visited a few friends' houses in our neighborhood...I think we made it to five houses total.  She loved it though!  She loved carrying her pumpkin around (couldn't find her ghost bag!) and bouncing her six-ish pieces of candy around in it.  We let her eat the tip off a Hershey's kiss and about 5 m&m halves so she thought it was the best day ever.  Her mama didn't mind eating her other candy for her. :)

photo 1 (7).JPG
photo 2 (6).JPG

Switching gears back to Thanksgiving, we also did some finger-painting and made the cutest little turkey cards.  I think I'll frame the one that says "gobble gobble" to use as fall decor in the future.  The card in the top right corner is her freestyle one.  I think it's a flock (rafter?) of turkeys running by really fast!

turkey painting.JPG

One Sunday night, we took our littlest girl to Beale Street to see our bigger girl's band perform.  They rawked out at the Hard Rock Cafe and did a great job!  We danced and sang along.  Anna alternated between singing and playing the bass guitar.  She's on the right in the pictures below.

photo 5 (6).JPG
photo 1 (8).JPG

The pictures below are some of my new favorites.  We let Katie Wynn go down the slide at my parents' house for the first time ever last weekend.  She had a ball!  


It seems like I should have a lot more pictures to show for the past two plus weeks, but I really don't!  I'll be ready for life to return to normal after tomorrow's craft show is done.  Wish us luck and that we sell everything!  If you're local and want info on it, just let me know!