Road Trip

Today marked the beginning of beach trip number 2 for us. But before we could get on the road, we had a very important stop to make. First, we made a quick pit stop to get a bag of fresh donuts.

And then we headed to the kids' house to see how their week at camp was.  Anna came out and greeted us in her pajamas.

We sat on the curb and chatted.

After a few minutes, we learned that sleepy Wyatt didn't want to walk outside so we went inside and brought the donuts to him. The kids both had a great time at camp. They told us about sleeping in the cabins, swimming, what they made in arts and crafts, the dance they went to, and something about snakes but I had to tune that part out. I think they're excited and ready to go to their second camp this summer!

A few minutes before 9, Doc and I were finally on the road and headed to the beach!

Unfortunately, we had to drive through a lot of rain.

The ride was long so we did a lot to try to entertain ourselves.  We put the iPod on shuffle and it did not disappoint us. We heard everything from Taylor Swift to Jay-Z, Counting Crows to Flobots, Britney Spears to Eminem.

As the driver, Doc got to be the lead singer.

There was a brief period were I got a little bored and decided to play "Watch Doc Eat the Cars."

It starts like this:

Wait for it...

And there it goes! Yummy!

When that got old, I decided to start smocking. I have lots of friends having babies this year and a baby shower is coming up soon. I need to make good progress this week.

The small problem with getting started was that I forgot to bring scissors. It's hard to cut thread without scissors. But Doc came through for me and handed over some nail clippers. Saved!

Oh, I forgot that we ran into these girls at our lunch break. It was good to see them.

And finally, after we crossed into Florida, we got our second wind and car dancing ensued.

We have awesome moves.

So now we're here! The first thing I checked was whether or not we had internet, and since we do, I'll be able to update you on all the fun we're having!

Doc and I had a surprise to pass out once everyone arrived and go unpacked. Stay tuned to see what it was...