BIG Scare: Hindsight

OR "What's Funny Now But Wasn't At The Time"

1 - Doc's butt has been hurting for days. We have decided this can only be from the hour and half he spent riding on Anna's bike looking for Minnie. Anna is nine and rides a small pink, white, and green bike. Doc is 36 and has a big bottom and even bigger legs. While Minnie was lost, it did not even phase me that he was on her bike. Of course he should be on her bike. But now, four days later while he's still walking funny, I wish I could go back and get a picture of him, headlamp and all, perched on top of Anna's little bike.

2 - When Anna and I pulled back into the garage after scouring the neighborhood in my car, Wyatt ran out wearing an inside out pair of way-too-big socks with his flip-flops. I know they were too big because the grey heel was up around his ankle. Anna took one look at him and said, "why are you wearing socks with flip-flops?"  I remember her saying that because that's what made me look down and see them for myself. His answer was that he didn't want to get anything on his feet. At the end of the night, as Doc and I were getting ready to go to bed, I asked him if he noticed Wyatt's socks. "Yeah," he replied. "He asked me for a pair of socks so I just threw him a pair of mine and ran back out the door. I have no idea why he wanted them." "Oh, I do," I told him. "Why?" he asked. "Because of the frogs." And then we laughed.

Here's the thing - we have realized lately that Wyatt is terrified of frogs. Now, I know everyone has their own little irrational fears, but for some reason this fear is completely hilarious to me. Maybe it's because I played with them all the time as a little girl and thought they were so cool. Maybe it's because my five-year-old nephew, being the boy that he is, goes on hunts in the backyard specifically to find frogs. I don't know what it is - I just think it's funny that our ten-year-old boy is completely scared of them. And so, during our panic-stricken, two and a half hour hunt for Minnie, he took the time out to run inside and put on a pair of his dad's socks with his flip-flops so that "nothing could get on his feet."

When we finally found Minnie and were walking back to our back garage, Wyatt was standing in the garage pointing to the driveway and warning us about the frog sitting there. "Oh, I'll get rid of it," I said as I gently nudged it to move with my flip-flopped foot. That's when he lost it and ran inside.

3 - "Breed: Black Wiener Dog" ....still makes me laugh every time I see the flyer on the kitchen counter.