NYC :: Food Edition

Warning: this post might make you hungry.

We were in New York for probably less than three hours before I spotted this.

Oh yes, we were going in.

So many delicious choices. How do you choose??

Can you guess which one we went for?

Peanut Butter Cup wins!

While we were getting ready for the evening's festivities, the doorbell to our room rang and we were given some champagne for our anniversary. Well done, Waldorf, well done.

Next up on the food list: dinner at Scalini Fedeli.  This place was quite the complimentary restaurant, and I don't mean complimentary as in they told me how pretty I was and that they liked my dress. No, I mean complimentary as in the truffle stuffed raviolis that came out before our appetizers, and the two sorbet desserts that came out before the desserts we ordered, followed by sparkling moscato with dessert and then strawberries and cream to finish it all off. All complimentary.

Here are the desserts that we actually ordered, complete with Happy Anniversary written in chocolate.


I have always admired the cute little fun-shaped glasses at places like Williams Sonoma, but also wondered "who actually uses those things?" Well, now I know. Scalini Fedeli does.

We woke up Saturday morning to rain so we just walked to the deli down the street for breakfast. Bagel and cream cheese for me.

And sausage, egg, and cheese muffin for Doc.

We also shared a peach and banana smoothie which, I have to say, was probably the best tasting smoothie in the world. So good, in fact, that we went back for two more the next day. They didn't use any ice cream or milk in it so it didn't taste thick or heavy like a shake, and the ice was blended so finely that it had no crunch at all. And did I mention that the flavor was peach and banana? It was slap-your-pappy good.

I mentioned in my last post that I thought the Meatpacking District was my favorite area. That decision was made mostly because of this:

Mild, medium, and hot salsas from Dos Caminos. Of course, I didn't try the hot because I'm a weenie, but I could've easily eaten the medium straight with a spoon. Gosh, it was good! We went through two baskets of chips and two refills of salsa before our entrees arrived.

Oh, and did I mention that even though we sat down at this place at almost 2:00 on Saturday, it was still brunch, and at Dos Caminos, one drink each comes with your meal during brunch. You don't have to tell us twice. Sold!

Margarita for an excited Doc:

And a Prickly Pear for me:

Then came the food. I had enchiladas with two different sauces. It was very pretty.

Doc had the chicken tacos.

We just randomly ended up at this place because the first two places we went to had long waits, and it ended up being a great meal. Did I mention the salsa?!?

Because we had such a late lunch, we didn't eat dinner before going to see Wicked. By the time the show ended at 10:30 we were starving! We hit up Times Square for a slice of pizza, or should I say, some pie.

It was a chilly night and that greasy, cheesy pizza hit the spot!

If I ever get to go to New York City again, I think I will definitely have to hit some of these awesome spots again. If you're headed that way, be sure to look them up!