May 9, 2010

So what did we do on our actual anniversary?

We hopped on a plane in New York, ran to Home Depot as soon as we landed, and came home to three boxes full of Euonymous Manhattans. We ordered these for our front yard a couple of weeks ago and of course they were scheduled to arrive the day we left for New York. That's just the way our luck's been going lately.

I was eager to get them planted before the rain came the next day so I sweet talked my yard boy into doing a little work that afternoon.

First he had to dig up the existing shrubs so he could have a clean slate.

After fertilizing the soil, he grabbed the new plants and placed them where he wanted them.

Our neighbor, Will, came out to do a little yardwork too. He borrowed our clippers to cut some things behind the trees that grow beside his house and found what might be the largest weed ever. He's lived in the house for 8 years and said that's probably how long it's been growing!

I'm just glad it wasn't in our yard!

While I watched my handsome yard boy hard at work, out of the corner of my eye I saw something very small move very quickly across our front porch. From all the gasps that came out of me, I think Doc thought I was having a heart attack or something. My eyes finally caught up to what was moving so quickly and I realized it was not a snake. Thank goodness! Instead, it was this little guy.

Still not really what I want hanging out on my front porch, but lizards are better than snakes, right? (That photo above shows how good the zoom on my lens is because you know I wasn't actually that close to it!)

About four hours after landing from New York, Doc had our new shrubs all planted and mulched.  We hope that they'll double in size soon. Ready, set, grow!

I rewarded my yard boy with cupcakes. I had ordered a batch from the caterer that did our wedding as a surprise for him. When I found out we were going to New York I had to ask my dad if he could pick them up for us. I'm pretty sure he didn't mind helping eat them since we were out of town.

And then later that night we finally had a piece of the top layer of our wedding cake.

My mom must have done a great job wrapping it up after the wedding because a year later, it was still pretty tasty!