Date Night

Today was much like yesterday - we slept in, ate breakfast, headed to the beach, played in the ocean and sand, read books, came back for lunch, and went back out to the beach.  Doc and I headed in earlier this afternoon to get ready for a much-anticipated date night. Lala took our picture before we headed out for the evening.

We started out with the pizza special from Bud and Alley's Pizza Bar. The special was margherita pizza with salame and it was delicious! I barely got this picture taken before Doc snatched up the last piece.

After dinner we walked across the street to the outdoor amphitheater to find a seat for the concert that was about to start. We traveled all this way to end up seeing someone from our home state! I have seen Dave Barnes several times before, but I think this setting was by far my favorite. It was so relaxed (and free!).

Dave is so funny and such a good singer that he had a gaggle of girls lined up at the front of the stage waiting on him before the show even started.

Unfortunately for him, they were all a little young.

In between songs I was playing with my camera and decided to take a picture of our feet...

...and then, as the flash went off, Doc said, "Oh wait, are you taking a picture of our legs and feet? I wasn't ready. Do it again."

Notice anything different about this picture?

I'm totally outting him and his flexed muscles.

At the end of Dave's set we got to go up front to get some better shots.

See all the blurry dots in the picture below?

Those are bubbles from bubble guns that the girls on the front row were shooting. I think he secretly paid them to do that. It made for a nice effect.

View from the other side.

And rockin' out the last song.

And that was it. It was such a perfect date night! If you don't know who Dave Barnes is, or haven't ever heard his music, I highly recommend you check him out.

We came home to a rousing game of dominos that has since ended and everyone is getting ready for bed. The rain held off for the outdoor concert but I think it's going to come any minute now. Hopefully it will all come tonight so we can enjoy another sunny day on the beach tomorrow!