Fun in the Sun

We are officially on vacation!! I told myself I'd write a post at the end of each day so that I wouldn't have a million pictures to sort through when we got home. But being on a relaxing vacation makes it awfully hard to get on the computer at night...especially when you fall asleep around 9! So here I am, the morning of day 3, ready to talk about days 1 and 2.

Although for day 1, there's nothing to report except that we were excited to be here!

Yes, that would be 5 of the 6 of us all on one couch.  We did walk to the beach as soon as we unloaded the car and the kids ran right into the water, completely unaware that they weren't wearing swimsuits.

Day 2 was awesome. I really don't think I have ever seen a prettier day at the beach. The weather was perfect - only 90 degrees instead of a miserable 100+ and a very good breeze off the ocean. The water was so clear you could see right to the bottom - no seaweed or anything.

Green means go!

Only one of us took the time to completely set up camp before heading out into the ocean. Can you guess who?

Here's a better hint...

My toes were so happy to be in the sand again.

Daddy and his kiddos.

"Come on! It's not cold at all!" Except you can tell he's sucking in from the cold since his ribs are poking out...

Anna got buried.

At least she had a good view!

Out in the water together.

We did lots of wave-riding on the boogie boards, and I have a nice strawberry on my hip to prove it. Apparently big kids crash into the sand a lot harder than the little kids do.

Anna and I built a nice sandcastle complete with manicured lawn, gate, and front drive.

Wyatt built...this.

We came in at the end of the day exhausted and hungry! Poppa and Doc made a delicious dinner of skamp, rice, salad, and fruit. It hit the spot!

Anna helped me make dessert. Can you tell from her face what we made?

Brownies. Mmmmm...and they were so good fresh out of the oven!

Lala continued to work on the puzzle...

...and these guys gave her no help at all.

We did finally finish the 500 piece puzzle. Hooray! It was a tough one - those flowers at the bottom were not easy to figure out at all. Next up, 1000 piece picture of hot air balloons.

Everyone is finishing up with breakfast now so it looks like Day 3 is about to get going. Beach, here we come!