Photoshop Day 7

The challenge was to post photoshopped pictures for seven days straight and I was going strong for the first 6!  Now it's after 8 pm on the 7th day and I'm rushing to squeeze this post in at the last minute so I can say I met my goal.  I didn't get to play in photoshop at all last night so I've just done these last photos very quickly.  I may have to revisit them at a later date and try again because these were the ones I've been wanting to play with since I first got photoshop.  Let's get to it... Alternate title for this post could be "The Seasons, According to Bren" or something like that.  Every time Bren is at my parents' house, all she wants to do is "fwing," so I have tons of pictures of her on the swingset.  These swing pictures could almost be her own version of a growth chart.

Here are the original straight-out-of-camera shots.

The pictures are arranged in order of the seasons, not necessarily her age.  I think she's the youngest in the summer one, and the spring one might be the most recent.

Here are the touched-up photos...a little sharpening and color boosting, and then just an added text box for the season.

Do you have a favorite Bren season?  I can't decide.  I really like the picture quality in the Fall one (like how you can see all her little hairs flying) but I like her smile in Spring.  The Fall one's cute too, and her fuzzy legs in the Summer one kinda make me laugh...