Photoshop Day 6

I couldn't decide what picture to play with for today's post, so I scrolled back through the ones I've already done.  Then it hit me...duh!  I'm missing one of my favorite cuties: Jett! This picture is actually from last summer.  After dinner at our house one night, we walked down to the playground around the corner and the kids played hard while I snapped photos.  This pic of Jett is one of my favorites; it hangs on our fridge.

First, I did all the same steps that I did on Bren for Photoshop Day 1.  I slightly sharpened the whole photo, boosted the colors, brightened the eyes, and then selectively sharpened some of the details on his face and the swing (that chain was a pain!).  I tried to dial it all down a tidge this time, though, so it wouldn't seem too fake.

Once I was satisfied with all of those adjustments, I decided to run some more of the Pioneer Woman's actions to see what they looked like.

First, I ran the Sepia Tone action.  Of course, I know was sepia tone is, so I kinda knew what this one was gonna do.  Instead of it being straight up brown-tones, though, I scaled it back a hair so a little of the color still showed through.

Next, I took off the sepia layer and applied an action called Heartland.  I had no idea where this was going to go.  I feel like it was kinda like putting on a pair of lightly tinted sunglasses.  Everything is just kinda less bright.

This next one is called Vintage and I think it makes sense.  The photo looks kinda grainy, like an older photo.

The last one I tried is called Old West, and the outcome is not at all what I would've guessed it to look like.  I think it made the picture look warmer and softer but without losing its sharpness, if that's even possible.

I've changed my mind several times, but right now I think my favorite version is Old West.  What about you?  Which one do you like best?