The NB Diaries: Chapter 5

Remember the email I received back in Chapter 3? The email that said I should consider my answer carefully before deciding which character from Office Space NB resembles the most? Well, I kinda forgot about the email. She sent it on a Saturday afternoon but I didn't see it until last Monday morning. If you'll remember, my coworker that can quote all of the movie was out of town for the week. Because I thought my job could be on the line, I decided I would wait on him to return so he could help me decide on the best character. But then I forgot about the email.

My coworker has been back at work since last Monday and I completely forgot about the email until yesterday (Thursday). And do you know the only reason I remembered it? Because Coworker was in NB's office and she told him she was mad at me for not responding to her email! She even pulled the email up for him to see. How could I have forgotten to show him?!?!

So he and I put our heads together and decided which character she is the most like.

To: From: Date: Thursday, 4:51pm

Subject: RE: Lucy, clarification is needed.

Two words: Michael Bolton.

Link to YouTube Video.

Lucy work phone #

The response was waiting in my Inbox when I arrived at work today.

To: From: Date: Thursday, 8:01pm

Subject: RE: Lucy, clarification is needed.

I rap way better than he does!

New Boss

Home address Personal cell number Home phone number

So, not really a very exciting response and I still have my job, so maybe it wasn't worth worrying over. She did include all of her personal information - including another email address - at the end of the email, which is weird in itself, but here's the real interesting part...

We're neighbors!