Sneak Peek

There have been lots of exciting things happening at our house this week and I can't wait to show you the finished results. Until then, I'll give you these sneak peek pictures of what I found at the house today when I got home.

I took these pictures of the painters right when I got home while I was out with Minnie. Then I left them alone and came upstairs to our bedroom, fully aware that they were right outside my windows. Minnie and I got settled in on the bed, her snoozing and me playing on the laptop. The painters were pretty easy to tune out, seeing as how we don't really speak the same language. I guess I had gotten really into uploading my pictures because when my balcony door opened, Minnie and I both jumped! It's not everyday someone opens your balcony door from the outside while you're sitting on your bed. Creepy! Turns out he was ready to paint the door and needed it to be cracked open. I'm just glad he didn't start painting that door ten minutes earlier when I was changing my clothes. Minnie and I decided to relocate to the kids' playroom.

The week's projects got off to a rocky start. Our new front door was supposed to be installed on Monday. We've been waiting on this door for about 3 months now so we were excited for it to finally arrive. And arrive it did. But then the installation guy noticed that the door had been hung on the frame backwards. That probably wouldn't be a big deal in some houses, but since our front door is in a corner, that would mean that when you opened the door you would be facing the wall of our house instead of the living room. So the door went back to store. It is now being rebuilt and will supposedly be installed next Monday. To say that it's been a frustrating ordeal would be putting it lightly.

The first step for the painters was to pressure-wash our house. They did a fine job with that but I noticed on Tuesday that a lot of the dirt and water had splattered onto our outdoor chair cushions. I figured I'd take the opportunity to go ahead and give them a good wash so they could be fresh and clean when the paint job was finished. It sounded like a good idea, but then I apparently filled the washing machine with too much water with the cushions and ended up flooding the laundry room and the hall carpet. Oops.  Doc may be regretting staying in town this week...

But now things are back on track! (Hopefully, anyway.) I'm going to wash the cushions this weekend with a water hose instead, the painters should be done early tomorrow, and our new door will arrive a few days later. Oh, and I've been super nervous about the color we chose but I think I love it!

I took lots of "before" pictures last week so I can't wait to show you side-by-side comparison pictures. Hopefully everything will get done and I can post them by the middle of next week!

14 Hours Later, Updated to Add: We only have one window in our entire house that doesn't have blinds or window treatments on it. One. It's a small window in our bathroom that I love because of the natural light it lets in in the mornings. Our room is upstairs so no one can ever see in the window, but if you could you would only be able to see the bathtub and the toilet. Guess which one of those I was sitting on this morning when the painter's ladder appeared outside the window...