The NB Diaries: Chapter 4

One thing about NB that I've noticed since she started here a couple of months ago is that she has not done any decorating in her office at all. She has not done one thing, other than the erasers that sit by her keyboard, to personalize the space and make it her own. There are no pictures, no favorite quotes, no candy jar, notta. Her predecessor had tons and tons of family photos, some in frames on the wall, some in frames on the shelves, etc. But NB doesn't have anything. Her office is an interior office so there are no windows. Just 3 very blank walls (the 4th wall has the door). So you can imagine, then, as I walked by her empty office a few minutes ago, how quickly I noticed the one small picture hanging on her wall. It caught my eye and caused me to do a double-take.  She must have just hung it today. Of course I had to go in and get a closer look.

And then I immediately ran back to my desk to get my camera phone.

After making sure the coast was clear, I stepped into her office to snap a photo of the picture.

Oh, what's that? You say you can't read it?

Lucky for you, I went in even farther for a better shot.

Can someone please explain this to me? Of all things she could have possibly chosen to hang in her office, why this?! It's a little too high to be eye-level when she's sitting down, and it's not even centered on the wall or above anything. It's just floating all by itself a little up and to the left of her computer screen. Why?