Headboard Bench

See the stained piece of wood in the picture above? That would be an old headboard. But not just any headboard. No, that headboard pictured above is a ten-dollar headboard. I saw it as I drove past a yard sale last fall and did a quick u-turn to go see how much they wanted for it. I can't remember what they wanted but I talked them down to ten. I probably would've paid more, but the lady took ten! Only problem? It didn't fit in my car.

My mom is the biggest supporter of all my crazy projects and ideas. Probably because she knows that I'm going to drag her through them with me regardless of how she feels about them so she might as well be supportive. Keeping that in mind, as soon as I realized the headboard wouldn't fit in my car, I did what I do when any of my hair-brained ideas get me in a situation like this: I called my mom. Being the awesome mom that she is, she jumped in the car, met me at my house, and we drove to pick up the headboard together. A life-saver, I tell ya!

Then we had a headboard. I had an idea for it, I just didn't have any time. So we put it in the attic of the shop and decided I could drag it down whenever I had time to play with it.

This weekend Doc found some time for the headboard! I have to brag on  him because I gave him my vision and he brought it to life all on his own. And he did a great job!

The plan was to turn the old headboard into a bench. A sturdy bench. Not a bench that would fall apart as soon as someone sat on it.

So he started off building the apron and supports to go between the legs.

And then, because the back was already finished, the only thing left to do was put on a seat! He used three 2x4s to make a slatted seat.

Ta-daaaa! Not too shabby for a quick Sunday afternoon project. And you wanna know the best part? All the wood pieces he used were scraps from other projects which means total cost for a new headboard bench was only ten dollars.

Proud of his hard work.

Now its back in my hands. It needs a cute paint job, but what color? Should it all be one color? Should it be distressed? Should it have a cool pattern on the back? As you could tell from our home makeover, we don't need a new bench on our front porch. Do any of you need a new bench?  If so, speak now or forever hold your peace.