Typical Morning

Lately, Minnie has decided she does not want to be a good girl.  This does not make me, her momma, very happy. Her mischief occurs when I'm in the shower. She'll shred a roll of toilet paper, or dig through the garbage, or pull all the clothes of the laundry basket, or sometimes, she'll even have an accident on the carpet.

On this particular morning (the morning I finally decided to grab my camera), it was the bathroom garbage that she decided to peruse.

And then, no matter what it is she's done, she "hides" under the bed so I can't get on to her when I get out of the shower.

Bless her. I just don't have the heart to tell her I can still see her booty poking out.

And how am I supposed to get on to her when she keeps doing funny stuff like this? Seriously, it's every single time. Dig through the laundry; hide under the bed. Shred the toilet paper; hide under the bed. Have an accident; hide under the bed.  And every single time, she just can't get that long body of hers all the way hidden!

Poor thing. I just love her, even if she is ruining my carpet.