The Mighty Fortress

Doc and I played handbells in church again this past Sunday.  This performance was not with the full adult handbell choir, but with our quartet Lama Blast (our name comes from the first two letters of our names).  This is the third time we've performed as a quartet, and this was probably our hardest song to date.  Four people, 8 hands, 31 bells.  You do the math!  

For this performance, we set up in the choir loft so the whole congregation could see us.  We also ditched our music folders and laid our music straight on the table so everyone could see our bells. The video cuts out early (my memory is full - eek!) so the last ten seconds aren't on there.
There were a few mistakes, but overall I think it was one of our best run-throughs with this song.  (We only practiced 3 or 4 times.) We were all incredibly nervous this time!
Can't get enough?  To watch our first performance as a quartet, click here.  To see our Christmas performance, click here.  (Both of those videos are from practices before church; the video above is from the actual church service.)