Time for another post full of Instagram pics!  Just like last time, I'm sorry to those of you who follow me on social media and are seeing these same photos for the second or third time.  But, also just like last time, there are a few that I didn't post to my feed, so they should be new to everyone! Trying to go somewhat chronologically...a few weeks ago we put together the jumparoo we got as a gift.

Katie Wynn's legs are just a wee bit too short right now, so we added a DIY book.  Fitting, I think.

Hanging out on Mom and Dad's bed.

"Excuse me, but I mustache you a question."

"Nevermind, I'll shave it for later."

Little Alice has a mustache too!

These two girls are sweet little friends.

My girl can't hang; she falls asleep everywhere.



The other day, she was sleeping in my lap when her furry sister jumped up for some cuddle time.


Speaking of sleeping, she is now spending nights and naps in her big crib!  I like taking pictures of her in makes her look so little.



Happy girl at church.  (Not sure why she has black eyes in this?)

Some randoms.





There was no way I was leaving Target without these sunglasses.

This weekend, we introduced our girl to rice cereal.  We're two days in and so far, so good.  For the first time ever, she actually sat and waited patiently while we prepared her food (as opposed to crying and screaming like she usually does when she's hungry).


Her brother was at our house for the big first taste of "food."  Everyone says she looks like him.  What do you think?

Doc fed her the cereal while I videoed and photographed.  Wyatt also had Doc's parents on skype, so she had quite an audience.  It surprisingly wasn't as messy as I expected it to be.  She didn't necessarily love it, but she didn't hate it either.



Wyatt had a junior high dance to go to that evening, so he got cleaned up and ready to go.  Katie Wynn couldn't take her eyes off him.  She's pretty infatuated by him (and vice-versa too!).


Saturday afternoon I put her down on her belly for a nap.  She takes a much longer nap if she's on her belly (because she's not swaddled).  She loves to sleep with her face down, which always scares me to death.  I'm guessing yesterday she slept face down on her hands.  What about you?

I think that gets us pretty caught up on the life of Katie Wynn!  I can't finish without a picture of my fur baby, though.  Lolli had a sleepover with some friends a few nights ago, and she was so worn out the next day!  Here she is asleep on the couch and dead to the world.

Ok, let's pick favorites again.  I have several...the one of her standing up in the blue shirt (one of my old dresses!), the two of her asleep in her angel wings, reading with Mimi and drawing on my phone.  I love the sunglasses pic too.  And the one with her handprints on her face is just hysterical.