This morning, when Doc took Minnie out bright and early to go potty, he found something on our front porch.  Sometime during the night, a Phantom visited our house.

(Cell phone pics. Sorry.)

With the Phantom was a note.

And a bag of goodies, too!

I love the bobble-head witch that came in the bag-o-goodies.

Back to the note. On it was this poem, entitled "Good Evening."

Since this is the time for goblins and bats, Halloween spirits and ghosts and cats, Weird happenings and witches brew, These are the things I wish for you:

May the only spirit you chance to meet, Be the spirit of love and warm friends sweet. May the only goblin that comes your way, Be the Neighborhood Phantom, whom you'll want to give away.

So by tomorrow, pick three friends sweet And give them all a Halloween treat. You only have one day so hurry!!!

The note also gave instructions for us to make three copies of the Phantom and note and leave them, along with treats, on three more neighbors' front door steps.  We're also supposed to hang our Phantom in a front window so it doesn't come back to visit us again.

Looks like a quick trip to Walgreens for some Halloween treats is on my to-do list now. And luckily I remembered to grab the Phantom and the note as I ran out the door this morning so I can make copies.  The hard part is deciding who should get a visit from the Phantom!