ILLOTF: Sex Edition

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Warning: this blog is about to get X-rated.

Remember back in the Barn Animals Edition when I was out in the pasture feeding the alpacas and I said we'd revisit that in another post? Well, this is that post.

So, there I was, just feeding the alpacas,

when this alpaca decided to climb up on top of one of her buddies.

"She must be really hungry," I thought.

And so I just kept right on feeding them.

Then I started hearing the alpaca making some weird sounds, which I later learned was "orgling," basically a mating call and what gets things going, if you will.

I was a little shocked at the lack of modesty with these alpacas. I mean, we just met!

Before I knew it, another alpaca had gotten down on the ground and it had a buddy climbing on top.

"Please tell me you're getting this on camera."

"Is this really happening? This isn't normal is it? Does anybody else see this?"

And they just kept on doing it.  No matter how many times I laughed or turned away or said "seriously?" the orgling would not stop.

So, you know what they say....if you can't beat 'em, feed 'em?

Some things just make you work up an appetite.

Have you ever been photobombed by frisky alpacas? Doc has.  Please note that the alpaca he's trying to take a picture with below is being mounted by another orgling alpaca.

So it's safe to say that no matter the time or place, alpacas like to do it.

But, you know what? Ducks like to do it, too.