Here We Go Again!

Many of you already know this, but our big kids - Wyatt and Anna - are just one year apart.  Well, one year and two weeks, to be exact.  I've asked Doc about this many times.  "How in the world could you have two kids so close together in age?  That's like having a baby while your baby is still a baby!"

And he always kindly tells me that while it wasn't necessarily their plan to have a second child so quickly, it was most definitely God's plan for them.  Can't argue with that.

Except that I usually still add, "Well I'd love for us to have kids close together in age, just not that close."

But, you know...

...history tends to repeat itself.

So here we go again!

Big Sis 1

Oh hey, one more thing: be sure to check the date this was posted, mkay? :)