Silly Bunnies!

Oh man, you guys kept me in stitches yesterday!!  I can't believe I actually managed to fool a few of you guys.  I thought for sure you would know it was a joke right away.  And I think a couple of my family members were the most surprised at our "announcement."  My mother's text to me takes the cake as being the most...colorful...if you will. :)  I'm totally exaggerating.  Her response wasn't too bad.  After she made it through all of her exclamations she did at least ask me my due date.  Put the smocking down, Mom.  There's no baby on the way...yet. I won't lie, though.  I'm a nervous wreck that my little joke may have jinxed me.  I tend to be superstitious and believe in karma so I hope when the time comes for us to add another little bunny to our family, God doesn't remind me of this prank.

Speaking of bunnies, I meant to post these pictures of Katie Wynn with the "Easter bunny" on Easter Sunday and completely forgot!  (We had an awesome Easter Sunday and I am still sorting through the 291 pictures I took to figure out which ones to post.)  These were taken a few weeks ago when my niece, Bren, brought home her class bunny, Hopper, for the weekend.  We stopped by to visit the bunny when it hit me that we should totally have a photoshoot!  I dressed Katie in a sweet outfit from her Lala and Poppa, sat her down with Hopper (after his required hour of exercise) and hoped for the best!

IMG_1146 PS_405x567

Our photoshoot was held almost exactly one week before she learned how to sit up on her own.  Doc had to reach under the blanket to hold her up for some shots since she kept falling back into the pillows.  You can see some of the outtakes here.

smiling at camera

I really wasn't sure what she would think about Hopper or what Hopper would think about her.  But, Katie Wynn loved it and Hopper may not have loved it but he (she?) at least tolerated it.



This one ended up being one of my favorites.  I just love her little hand resting on Hopper's back, like she knows to be sweet and gentle.

petting Hopper

My sister in law, Beth, gets credit for editing these last two.  I think they turned out so sweet.

bren and katie wynn

I just love this one of Bren.  She's squeezin' Hopper tight so he can't get away!

bren and hopper

I'll be back soon with pictures from the rest of our Easter fun.  Oh, and you may have noticed that things are looking a little wonky around here.  Don't worry, I've been in touch with my Tech Support and we're working on it!  (By "we" I totally mean "he" is working on it.)  Hopefully we'll be giving this little blog a facelift in the next couple weeks!