Guest Post by Lolli

dear miss kim,

thank you for my rope dog.  it's my favorite!  i think it's mom's favorite too because she's always trying to tug it away from me.  i growl and tell her it's mine.  i already started shredding the tail.  mom has to pick up blue strings all the time, but i try to tell her to leave them on the floor.  maybe you can come play with me again sometime.

love, lollipop


dear miss mary elizabeth,

thank you for my princess bone.  it's my favorite!  it helps make my teeth strong.  and thank you for my blanket.  it's my favorite!  it has my name on it so it's all mine, no one else's.  mom says lollipops are sticky and sweet but i don't think the blanket is sticky or sweet, i just think it's soft.  i like taking naps on it.  sometimes mom puts it on my head and says "where's lolli?" because it makes me disappear.  it's a fun game.

lots of licks, lollipop

p.s.  can you tell mom to give me more of those things called treats?  they're my favorite!


dear porter and grace,

thank you for my chew toy.  it's my favorite!  mom says i'm too fast when i play with it and i don't let her take a good picture.  when i try to chew mom's toes she always gives me this toy.  it doesn't taste the same as toes but i can shake it back and forth in my mouth.  maybe sometime you guys can come over to my house and we can play chase and i can show you all the good tee-tee spots.

cuddles and snuggles, lollipop