Our Weekend and Lolli Update

The kids finally got to meet Lollipop this weekend, and I think they love her!

Anna especially didn't want to put her down.  She kept holding her up like Mufassa does Simba in the Lion King.

Our two cute girls!

Anna, Lolli, and I cheered on the boys while they played a game of Knock-Out.

Friday night we were invited to a cookout at our friends' house.  They bribed us with food but I'm pretty sure they just wanted to meet Lolli.  (In fact, Mary Elizabeth admitted it here.)  We were ok with that, though, because we really like food.

We also really like their little girl.

Wesley was nice enough to let Wyatt borrow her tree swing.  I tried my best to give him a good push.

After dinner we played Pictureka while Lolli got acquainted with their dog, Ollie.  It was such a fun night!

Friday night was all play so Saturday morning we had to get to work.  Well, I'll admit I slept in a little bit, but Doc got right to work out in the yard.  Wyatt was his helper until I brought Lolli out to play and he decided to take her for a ride.

The kids played with her so much during the morning that she was exhausted by lunch time.  She fell asleep in Anna's arms so Anna set her down on her blanket that was sitting on top of the kitchen counter.  We all sat down at the table for lunch and she never budged, so she ended up being our centerpiece for the meal.  Poor thing was tired!

We spent the bulk of the afternoon at my parents' house.  I arrived first and got questioned by the little people about "Where the puppy dog is?"  Jett had to call Uncle Doc and sweet-talk him into bringing her over. 

Lolli had her first trip down the slide.  I'm not sure that she liked it.

Bren likes to hold "wolly."

While the kids were busy playing with the dog, I put together the hammock that we bought my parents for Christmas.  Everyone took turns pretending to nap on it and testing the weight limit.

And somehow, Lolli ended up getting it all to herself.

We stayed over at their house late enough to enjoy an impromptu cookout.  Nothing like burgers and dogs two nights in a row!  After church Sunday morning I got to work in the shop.  With the help of both Mom and Dad, I completed my first headboard.  It's for another room re-do I'm working on - hopefully more pictures soon! 

Update on life with Lolli:  Things are going really well.  She stays in her kennel during the day and does not mess it up at all.  She still cries when she's put in it but calms down eventually.  She's great about using the bathroom upstairs and only has accidents when we go too long without taking her out.  She's learned to go up and down the stairs by herself - a new talent that we're not proud of (an unsupervised puppy running around upstairs on my carpet is the last thing I want).  Her favorite things to chew on are our toes, and it's not uncommon for me to step into my slippers only to find them full of slobber.  One day last week she jumped into the shower with me.  It was an unexpected surprise for both of us.

Sunday night was a bit traumatic for her - it was time to get her first bath.  Even though she got wet in the shower earlier in the week, she hadn't been shampooed yet and it was definitely time. 

She didn't know what was coming - she was more interested in the cup I got out to rinse her with.

But as soon as I held her over the water, she threw those paws up and did not want to go in.

"Dad, stop taking pictures and get me the heck out of here."

I've never bathed a dog with so much fur.  I made sure I didn't miss any spots - even around her little mouth.

And then, y'all, the craziest thing happened.  The softest, fluffiest, cutest little white puppy that you've ever seen turned into...

...well, this:

Does anybody else think she looks like Splinter from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles?  No? Just me?

Doc kept showing me "before" pictures so I'd remember what she looked like, and I kept reassuring her that she'd fluff back up.  I wasn't sure she would but my fingers were crossed.

And that's how our weekend ended - with a soppin' wet dog that wasn't too happy with us.  At least she smells better.