Rain, Rain, Go Away!

The bad news is that we've had a lot of rain lately.  Like, a lot a lot.  The good news is that it gave us a good excuse to try on Katie Wynn's rain coat and have a little rain puddle photoshoot!  Of course, it was kinda chilly and my Mama gears kicked in and I didn't want her to sit directly in a puddle, so we improvised with a galvanized tin.  It still works, right? Prepare yourself for an onslaught of photos of my favorite girl on a rainy day!

"Mom, why isn't my boat going anywhere?"

Finally starting to smile...

Possibly my favorite one!

Or this one.  I love that her coat is open.  (You know I stripped her down to nothing but the coat.  I love a nekkid baby!)

Wanna know who was making her laugh?  These two clowns!  They insisted on having a photobomb shot.


Someone doesn't like sharing the spotlight...

There's that tongue again!

This is another one of my favorites.  That face!  Such sass!

I would say she was trying to taste the raindrops but it wasn't actually raining anymore...

I love a sweet profile...

Love this one too!

That's it.  A post without a point.  Now, which one should I use as the official photo for April?