10 Minute Photoshoot

A few weeks ago, I signed Katie Wynn up for a mini photoshoot with a local photographer.  I had never done one of these so I had no idea how it would work.  After signing up on Memory Mom's facebook page, I learned that we would have just a ten minute slot.  Oh dear!  Katie Wynn is usually a pretty happy baby but what if our ten minutes was while she was hungry and cranky? I signed up for an early slot - 8:10 - because I thought it was safest in terms of having a happy baby.  We ended up arriving about 30 minutes early and got to have her pictures taken early.  The photographer stopped snapping after about 4 minutes because she said she had more than enough good shots for our mini package.  Katie Wynn loved having her picture made!

Here are the ten photos we ended up with from the shoot.

I think she is starting to look a lot more like her daddy!

The photographer added some tulips for a pop of color and Katie Wynn went straight for them.

Seems she loves colorful flowers just like her mama!

That tongue!  I think I have just as many pictures with her sticking it out as I do with it in her mouth.

Here's a panned out shot so you can see the set up.  A wrought iron bed in a field with an old barn in the background.  I didn't know what colors would be on the bed.  In hindsight, the color of her dress isn't the best with what's on the bed, but oh well.

I loved how all of this worked out; it was so easy!  Sign up, show up, quick photoshoot, and then just pick up my cd of images two weeks later.  Can't wait to sign up for another one!