Phone Phavorites

I know I recently did an Instagram update, but here's another roundup of photos from my phone.  These didn't make it to Instagram, but they're worth sharing anyway.  They span over the last couple months and probably won't be in chronological order because it's 11:15 and that seems too hard... One afternoon I was working at my mom's house and really needed Katie to take a nap so I could get some things done.  She had absolutely zero interest in taking a nap.  How could I be mad at her when she's this cute, though?

Doc and I have always agreed that we will have a strict "No kids in our bed" rule.  (Easy for me to say now, better check back in a couple years to see if it's stuck.)  I know Katie Wynn is still too small to really even know she's in our bed, but I've still tried really hard not to put her in it.  In fact, I've only done it once.  I usually just get up for the day when she does (if it's not a day I'm headed to work) but on this particular day I thought a few extra minutes of sleep sounded really good, so I got her out of her crib and brought her to bed with me.  Sure enough, she snuggled up and fell right back asleep.  I loved getting to snuggle with her...

...until she totally pushed me out of the bed!  When I first put her in it, she was between the two pillows.  Little hog just kept creepin' over into my space until I finally just got up.  And as you can see, Lolli had also taken over Doc's side of the bed.  (Crappy picture because it was so dark in there and I had to use the flash.)

We have just recently transitioned KW out of being swaddled in her Miracle Blanket.  If she weren't rolling over, I might've kept swaddling her in it forever.  Seriously, it really is a little miracle worker.  I had done some research about the best way to transition a baby out of the swaddle and found this sleep sack called the Zippadee Zip.  It was created by a mom going through this very same thing, and is roomy enough for the baby to safely roll over but snug enough to give them that swaddled feeling and keep their flailing arms from waking them up.  It has been a really smooth transition for us.  Anyway, one night I went to check on KW before getting in bed and saw her like this - enjoying her new unswaddled freedom with her arms spread wide open.

Most days that we're home, Katie sits in her bumbo while I eat my lunch.  She always stares at me like, "Hey.  You gonna eat that?"

Little Roly Poly.  I don't even know why I bother putting her on her mat anymore; she definitely isn't going to stay there.

Sweet smiles!


Just doin' a little flower pickin'...

Splish, splash, she was taken a bath!

We had some of our friends over for dinner one night and were able to get to see Mr. Everett!

We also got to see Anna Charlotte and Stuart, but I'm not sure they knew we were there.

In the evenings, Katie likes to read the newspaper with her Poppy.

Sometimes we hang out nekkid.  Well, not all of us.  Just Katie bug.

Katie's babysitter will occasionally send me pictures of her during the day.  I love this, but I really love that she's always so happy there!  We have really lucked out with a babysitter that loves Katie Wynn so much and will be sad when we have to switch to daycare in the fall.  Here she is playing in the jumper at Mrs. Kim's house.

That's all I've got for now.  I might actually go work on a post now that's not all about Katie Wynn!