The pictures are from a Sunday  morning about a month or so ago.  We received this sweet knitted outfit as a baby gift from Doc's work and I was trying it on her to see if it finally fit.  It's a cute pants and top combo that came with a matching hat and blanket.  Too cute not to have a quick photoshoot in!  And since there's a window right by her crib that lets in a lot of natural light, it seemed like a good photo-taking location.

I have no clue why this picture keeps inserting as a smaller image than the others?? I also don't know why her hair looks so red in some of these pictures!  I mean, every now and then I see a slight red tint to it if we're out in the sunlight, but it's never really this much.

Just doing some staring out the window...

I L-O-V-E her fat little feet.  I can totally understand her obsession with them.

Little fingers.

She looks so serious in this one.  Almost like she's mad at me for putting her behind bars.

Let's end on another happy face.  I love my sweet girl!!