I'm so behind.  I don't know where to start on getting caught up.  Instagram pics seems like the easiest place to start, so here we go!  (Once again, if you follow me on Instagram, I apologize for showing these pics again.  Feel free to visit another blog now.) Story time with Alice, complete with picture showing.

Two days after the pic above was snapped, little Alice gained a new brother and sister!  Mom and I went to the hospital to see the new babies (Stuart and Anna Charlotte) and we also visited Meghan who was at the hospital on bed rest.  Not much longer til she welcomes her own little girl!


We have been to visit the twins several times.  They are precious!



Little Miss Thang likes to sit on the dryer while I work on the laundry.  She makes sure that I don't slack off!

I took this picture when she first found her toes.  She is obsessed with them!

Grabbing the toes has now advanced to sticking them in her mouth.

And she's still obsessed with smiling at that nekkid baby in the mirror.

Anna and I had some fun with Valentine's themed cupcakes.


I soaked up some snuggles with my sweet pea one afternoon.  I would've taken a nap too if she hadn't been snoring so loudly...

Give a girl two mats to play on and she'll pick the speck of carpet between them.

She tried so, so hard to charm her Poppy into giving her some spaghetti.

"I'm gonna pop some tags.  Only got twenty dollas in my pocket..."

She is always all smiles when I go to get her in the mornings.  I love seeing her grins!

Just playing outside after church.

Rockin' her morning milk goatee.

This is what happens when she tries to get between me and my ice cream bar.  (And yes, I still ate the piece that fell on her head.)

Big, big girl trying out her new clip on high chair!  This was a Christmas present that we're finally getting to start using.  So far she loves it!  (And her mama loves that the bar stool fits nicely right underneath it.)

Sisters.  Anna is getting way too grown up!

Katie Wynn got an awesome package in the mail...a Burberry dress!  That same day I bought myself a dress from Walmart.  Something about this is not right.

Goodnight moon.  One of our favorites.

Walking to the car after church.  This girl loves her daddy so much!

My birthday is on Friday!  We had an early family celebration last Sunday.  I always have extra help with my candles...wouldn't want it any other way!  Before we dug into the birthday trifle, we made a quick Bren sandwich.

Seriously thinking about crawling.  She can push up on her arms and she can pull her knees up underneath her, but she hasn't done them at the same time yet.  Its coming soon though.

We finally have enough hair for a good faux hawk!  Love it!

That's officially my last instagram as of right now.  Which one's your favorite?