Yummy Treats

I'm sorry it's been radio silent around here for a couple weeks.  I've been so busy!  It's that time of year though, I'm sure you know that.  What with all the holiday decorating and baking and parties, things just get crazy.  And did you know that I'm the only one in my immediate family that doesn't have a December birthday?  Yep, even the dog's birthday is in December.  So add birthday parties and presents to the normal Christmastime chaos and you get no time to blog. But!  That doesn't mean that I haven't still been cranking out some projects.  I have at least 6 blog posts in my head ready to share with you, I just need to actually put the pen to the paper fingers to the keyboard.  I hereby declare this week Catchup Week!  I just hope I can actually stick to it.

First up, some yummy treats.  I needed something to bring to a work potluck last week and, after searching on Pinterest, found these to make.  They were exactly what I was looking for:  something that looked great, tasted even better, and were super easy to do.  Win, win, and win.

I followed these directions from Baked Perfection.  First step was to make a batch of brownies (I used a mix, no baking from scratch here!) and bake them in mini muffin tins.  I'll admit that even with shaving 8 minutes off the recommended cook time, I still slightly over cooked my mini brownie bites.  You want to take them out when the toothpick comes out with just a little bit of gooeyness on it.  (These are all iPhone photos...sorry.)

The directions say that when the brownies come out, the tops will fall on their own, creating a little bowl.  Mine didn't do that, I'm sure because they were overcooked.  I used the back of a tablespoon to create my little bowl.

While the brownies were still warm, I heated up some peanut butter to pour into the bowls.

With the peanut butter still melty, I sprinkled on both chocolate and peanut butter chips.  No rhyme or reason to how many, just whatever felt right.

It only took a few minutes for the peanut butter to firm back up, and that's it!  These babies were ready for eatin'.

Mmmmm....you really can't beat the marriage of chocolate and peanut butter.  Those two are just good together.  These were seriously so easy.   The next time you need something for a party and you don't have much time, give these a try.  They won't disappoint!