Bowling Birthday Party

I have awesome friends.  I may have mentioned that before. My friend Chris (Allison's husband) and I share the Ides of March as our day of birth.  We are exactly one year apart.  To celebrate our birthdays, our in-town friends met at one of my favorite local restaurants, Swanky's, for dinner Saturday night.  We had the perfect sized group of ten and the food, drinks, and conversation were all so good!

Doc had reserved a couple of lanes at a bowling alley for after dinner.  Isn't it crazy that you have to make reservations to bowl these days?  We had to pay a cover charge at the door, too.  But it was worth it.  I should've known my awesome friends would go all out.  Jenny and Allison turned our bowling night into a birthday party, complete with banner, noise silent blowers, and Muddy's cupcakes.  Oh man, the cupcakes!  It's a good thing my momma wasn't there cause they were so good they made me want to slap her!

I stupidly left my camera at home but luckily, Allison brought hers.  So, all of these pictures have been stolen borrowed from her with permission.

Allison remembered to bring candles for our cupcakes.  Chris got the 9 since he's turning 29; I got the 8 for 28.  We had to improvise on the 2s.

Can you see the pins we're wearing?  Yeah, they light up, which is pretty awesome when you're cosmic bowling.

I made a good wish before digging in to my cupcake.

Since we had two lanes, we decided to split up into two groups:  Those Who Care About Bowling and Those Who Don't.  Coincidentally, the split also happened to be Boys and Girls.

The highest scorer of the night just so happened to be on this team:

Oh yea!  Way to go, Jenny!  (The rest of us were definitely NOT the high scorers.)

At least the other team was pretty cute.

My birthday twin and I stepped up to the lane at the same time.

Here's the thing about bowling:  I think it's a lot of fun.  At first.  But then things like my thumb and wrist start hurting.  Why do the balls have to be so dang heavy?  I try hard to put some oomf into my roll, but sometimes that means I nearly fall over once the ball is released.  No one else seemed to have that problem...

Allison had the great idea to take a picture of everyone anytime they bowled a strike.  I'm pleased to say my picture was taken more than once.  Funny story, though:  my right wrist was starting to hurt so I decided, The heck with it; I'm rolling with my left hand this time. And whaddaya know, that's when I got my first strike!

Here's a video Allison made with all the Strike pictures.

"Strike" A Pose

She has also written about our fun night on her blog, so head on over there to read it, too.

My birthday week got off to a great start with the bowling party.  Now, if only this soreness would go away.  (Fellow bowlers, y'all are all sore too, right?  Right?)