Bubbly Birthday

Well, as I write this I am officially a year older!  And apparently feeling it, too, since I'm lying in bed and it's only 9:00. I had a wonderful birthday yesterday!  I often say that I'm terrified of technology taking over the world and I'd be ok if we just didn't have it, but it does make it easier for a girl to feel loved on her birthday.  Between the phone calls, texts, emails, tweets, and facebook posts, I felt like every time I turned around someone was wishing me well.  I only received one paper card in the ol' snail mail (props to you, Meghan, for going old school) instead of the handful I feel like I received in years past.  So, just for my birthday, I decided to call a truce with technology and bask in all the warm fuzzies it was sending my way.  (Yes, I realize the irony of my hate for technology as I sit in my bed typing a blog on my laptop.)

I better get to the point of this post before I stray too far off topic and find myself standing on top of a soap box.

The topic of this post?  My family birthday party this past Sunday.  But before we could party, we had to catch bubbles.  And before we could do that, I had to put batteries in the new bubble maker.  And who patiently watched and waited for me to get it all ready?  Bren.

She's so silly.

Who knew the $8 bubble maker from Walmart would require a screwdriver to put the batteries in?  Bren was a good sport about it while I muttered four-letter words under my breath.

Finally, we had bubbles!

Is there anything in the world cuter than a two-year-old playing in bubbles?

Right as the bubbles really got going, we got some company!

I didn't check the package, but I'm guessing that it probably says somewhere on it not to let a five-year-old dispense the bubbles right into his little sister's face.  But hey, no harm no foul, right?

Kinda makes you want to go buy some bubbles, doesn't it?

After our bubbly adventure we went in to get ready for dinner.  I tried to get some birthday lovin' from my little people, but someone (ahem, cough cough Lolli) keeps stealing all my kisses.

At least I was able to squeeze a hug out of Parker.

I even got a kiss on the cheek before he ran off and left me for his real true love - his mommy.

Dinner was my request - tacos.  But my mom made 3 dips too and I would've been happy just eating those.  Man, I love chips and dips.  Remember the Peanut Butter Chocolate Pie recipe I told you about?  And the 8 candle from the bowling party?  Well, put those together and you get my birthday cake!

I was excited while everyone sang.

Even with only one candle, I had to have some help blowing it out.

I may have gotten more help than I bargained for, as we had to do a little blotting on top of the pie afterwards.  Good thing I like that little boy!

The pie, made by Doc, was just as delicious as I remembered it being.  It's safe to say we all headed home full and happy.  It was a great birthday celebration with my family!