Hello, Hydrangeas

We're back from the beach! (I'm really not that excited - I'd rather still be there - but I'm trying to be optimistic.) Most of the flowers I planted this spring were looking closer to dead than alive when we got home Tuesday afternoon. We've been drowning them with water trying to revive them.

But there was one bright ray of sunshine in our yard...the hydrangeas are finally blooming!

We lucked into these plants (we have two of them).  The previous owners of our house had them planted so we inherited them. This past winter was the first time we had cut them back all the way to the nub, and I have to be honest, I was nervous they wouldn't come back.

But they did!

They're like perfectly white snowballs and they're almost the size of my head.


I wished they smelled as good as they look. I mean, they don't stink or anything, but they also aren't fragrant like the gardenia.

Know what I mean?