35 Years

Thirty-five years ago today, my parents were married in a small church in Selmer, TN. Quite a good-looking couple, eh?

Mom wore a dress that was handmade by Mrs. Winnie, her step-grandmother.

Now, 13 months ago, I was searching frantically for the perfect dress to wear to our rehearsal dinner. My mom never thought to mention that her handmade wedding gown was upstairs in the attic. What?? How could I have not known this?? I would've loved to have it altered into something I could've worn that night.

She didn't tell me about the dress until about a month ago when we were in the attic looking for something. Of course I had to try it on.

So it's safe to say the dress looked muuuuch better on her than on me, but still. It's handmade! And it was in our attic!

Look at the detail on the cuffs of the sleeves.

I can't believe I didn't know about this last year.

Anyway, back to the point of this post. My parents - 35 years! That's a really long time. They are quite the inspiration for Doc and me.

Here's to laughing together for 35 more years!

Happy anniversary, Mom and Dad. We love you!

P.S. Mom - in the dining room, look in the piece of furniture that used to be Memaw's bedside table. I left a gift for y'all in the top drawer.