Sweet Grass

I asked Doc last night if he wanted to blog about Sweet Grass while I was at bunco and his response was, "Uh, I guess I can write about your sweet ass."  Clearly, he misunderstood me. Sunday night, the last night that Doc's parents were here with us, we decided to go out for a nice dinner.  We had already taken them to several of our favorites, and there are a few that aren't open on Sundays, so we narrowed our choice down to Sweet Grass, a fairly new restaurant in town.  Neither Doc nor I had eaten there yet, but we'd both heard pretty good things about it.  My parents were going to join us too, and they hadn't eaten there either.  It was a new place for all of us!

I like their logo.

Of course, you can't have a restaurant called Sweet Grass without decorating with bundles of - what else? - sweet grass.

I originally took a seat next to Doc's mom, but she must've decided that I smelled weird because she traded seats with Doc's dad.

My parents joined us a few minutes later.

While we chit-chatted and surveyed the menu, I sipped on this delicious cocktail.  I can't remember what all was in it, but it was full of strawberry-basil goodness.

The menu had lots of yummy things to offer, and they were divided into small, medium, and large plate categories.  Of course, the thing that sounded the best to me was a large plate.  Didn't stop me though, I went for it!

7 oz. beef tenderloin, bacon shiitake grits, green beans, and some kind of awesome sauce.

Now, I'm a southern girl through and through even though there are some southern things I don't like (sweet tea and fried okra - bluh!), but grits are not on that list.  Cheese grits make me wanna slap my pappy, and who knew that adding bacon to them could make them so much better! Yumm-o!

My dad gets annoyed with me when I take pictures of my food during dinner, so I put my camera away for the rest of the meal.  It's a shame, though, because we ate some pretty awesome food.  I loved my tenderloin, and Doc said his jambalaya was flavor-filled and excellent.  My favorite part, though, was definitely dessert!  Doc and I shared a piece of chocolate peanut butter pie, his parents had a slice of lemon icebox pie, and my folks had the apple pie a la mode.  We passed our plates so we could taste them all...delicious!

My final rating of the restaurant was excellent.  The service was quick, the drink menu was good, the food menu had lots to choose from, the desserts were tasty, and the price was not bad at all.  We left feeling full and satisfied, but not at all like we were about to pop.  I think we will definitely go back.

The gentlemen of the evening:

And now I finally have a picture of me with both of our moms.  Yay!

While the restaurant was a really good choice, I think we'll all agree that the company and conversation is what made the evening so perfect.