Sesame Street Party

In case you thought Bren was the only person in our family turning two this month, I've got pictures of Mr. Parker's playground party from this weekend to share. When we arrived, we saw that Poppy's Playground was decked out in decorations,

and everyone there was already playing hard. Even the big kids.

The birthday boy spent lots of time on the swing. And, as you can see in the pic, he was sporting a new Elmo tattoo.

Bren swung for so long it put her in a daze.

Anna had spent the night with a friend the night before, so we only had Wyatt there with us. I don't think it bothered him that he was older than the others; he played hard too!

In fact, he and Jett got ahold of a beach ball and played a long game of soccer.

(Look at all those bones! It was like a soccer match between the two skinniest players ever...)

Bren took a break from her swinging to enjoy a cold CapriSun.

After getting dried off and changing clothes, Wyatt played a tune on the piano for us. Bren thought he was amazing!

One of these pianists knows what they're doing; the other does not...

Finally, it was time for lunch! I ate with this goofball.

And then after lunch comes everyone's favorite part...cake!  Check out the super-cute cake Erin made.

Parker, with three tattoos at this point, was excited about blowing out his candles.

Some people were so excited about cake that they climbed right up on the table for a piece.

And others just stood back and patiently waited their turn.

Little did we know, that little girl was secretly waiting for everyone else to get their pieces so that she could have the rest of it aaaaalll to herself.

She decided that icing tasted pretty good!

Parker decided it was time to start going down the slide head first,

but Bren kept going on the icing.

Parker got a cool new bike from his parents,

and Bren got another scoop of icing.

Everyone watched as Parker opened his presents.

Well, everyone but Bren. She had a little more icing...

Three generations were excited about playing baseball,

and Bren finally decided she'd had enough icing. Phew!

Surprisingly, the icing overload didn't seem to faze her at all. I guess she's got her momma's sugar tolerance!

And, since my dad refuses to read my blog, I can post any kind of pictures of him I want, right? This is what I got when I asked him to please just smile for one picture.

It was a great birthday party! And I think the birthday boy took a good loooooong nap right after the last guest left. Success!