DIY: Tissue Paper Poofs

I really think these could be called Pom-Poms, but since we've already called our skewers that, we'll go with Poofs.  And, like the fabric banner, there are lots of tutorials for these online. Or you could buy a set to make them. My version's not much different from the others, but here it goes.

Start with 8 sheets of tissue paper laying flat on your table.

Fold all 8 sheets together, accordian-style. I made my folds about 1 1/2 inches - 2 inches wide.

Using scissors, round the edges of the folds.

Next, you need to wrap wire around the middle of the folded paper. I cut small notches in mine to make it easier and so that the wire wouldn't slide.

Here's where you can learn from my mistakes: if you're going to be using fishing line to hang your poofs, go ahead and tie it to the wire now. It's very hard to find once you've poofed out your tissue paper.

Next, fan out the folds in the paper.

Very carefully, start pulling up the layers of tissue paper, one layer at a time. Trust me when I say the paper will tear. Be extra careful.

Continue to pull up the layers on both sides, until you've separated them all.  All the layers pulled apart will create your poof.

Now, if you're like me, you'll be annoyed by how "layer-y" this looks.  Don't worry, it's easy to fix. Grab your scissors and cut slits into the layers, making smaller "petals." I cut each big layer into about 3, 4, or 5 petals, being careful not to cut one layer in the exact same spot as the layers on either side of it.

This picture's blurry, but hopefully you see that it looks less "layer-y" and more like a full poof.

And that's it! If you tied your string on at the beginning, you should be done. I also cut some of my tissue paper in half to make smaller poofs. They turned out pretty cute, and were actually easier than the big ones.

The big party's tomorrow night and I can't wait! I've got more details to show you but those will have to wait until after the party. Can't spoil the surprises!