Santa! We know him!

The big kids are at our house tonight and we were all just hanging out when we heard a knock at the back door.  Guess who stopped by?!  Santa!

It was a little chaotic with all three kids and Santa on the couch together, so the above picture is the best group shot I could get.

Anna and Wyatt were both great sports and took turns sitting on his lap.  Anna seemed to have a list of items to rattle off to him.


Wyatt asked for a Notre Dame win on January 7th, but Santa pointed out that he had on red and white...Alabama's colors.  Uh-oh.  Not sure if Santa's gonna pull through for Wyatt.

Katie didn't really know what to think about the man with all the white fur!

I'm just glad she stayed tear-free, although the screaming-baby Santa pics are usually the best ones.

First Christmas pictures with Santa...check that off the list!  Woot!