Playing Catch Up

I hate that it's so hard for me to find time to sit in front of the computer these days, because I have so many posts in my head that need to be published!  Earlier tonight I finally pulled all the pictures off my camera that I've taken the last few weeks.  Surprisingly, I haven't taken nearly as many pictures as you would think.  But I do have a few so I'm going to attempt to play catch up with everything that's happened since we've had Katie Wynn at home.  This post may be all over the place as I'm just going to go whereever the pictures take me! Here's what's been hanging on our front door since we made it home from the hospital.

We've also had a banner hanging in our [still undecorated] living room that Jenny and Darrin brought to us in the hospital.

We came home with a slew of flowers that ended up lasting forever!  I loved having all the pink in the house.


My mom helped me give Katie Wynn her first sponge bath.  She did not like it one bit.

She also does not like to have her clothes changed.  She wails and carries on the whole time.

Her screaming worries Lolli to no end.  She's convinced we're hurting her up on the changing table.

We've only had the big kids at the house for one night since bringing Katie home, and it was a really good night!  Wyatt is still hesitant to hold her (as any 12 year old boy would be) but still seems very interested in her.  He asks lots of questions and I've even caught him playing with her toes!  Anna loves holding the baby and taking care of her.  She helped me give her a bath and lather her up with lotion.  She's going to be a great helper!  Of course, the bath brought on more tears...

It usually only takes a few minutes after the bath and getting dressed before she's back to her sweet self again.

We've had lots of visitors which has been really nice.  We love showing off the baby and having our house full of friends and family.  How sweet is this picture of our friend Matt helping his daughter, Wesley, hold the baby?!  I think Wes is going to be a good big sister one day.

Lolli is slowly adjusting to having the baby in the house.  I think she gets jealous of the attention, but she's also becoming very protective of her little sister!  I often find her laying as close to the baby as she can get.


We had Katie's first set of professional photos taken when she was just nine days old.  A friend of mine from college came and spent the bulk of a day at our house taking pics.  She was so gentle and patient with Katie, even when she used the bathroom on every backdrop!  I've already seen the proofs and they are so, so good.  I can't wait to receive my copies so I can show them off to you!  The picture below is from the middle of the photoshoot.  If you look at the back of the white frame that Katie is laying in, you can see it's yellow.  That's when things got a little explosive.  What you can't really see in the picture is that her poop goes all the way to the back edge of the grey blanket.  That's my girl. :)

One of Doc's customers sent us a gift for Katie Wynn - a cute Notre Dame onesie and blanket.  She's been helping cheer on the Irish ever since.

We had a little date night at home one night and Doc prepared a fancy meal.  Here he is slaving away in the kitchen.

The meal was deeeeelicous - scallops and bacon over cheese grits and broccoli.  Yum!!  Scallops was one thing I didn't eat while pregnant, and I was ready to have them again.

We had the cutest centerpiece on the table that night during dinner...

"Did you say scallops for dinner, Mom?"

"Aww, yeah!  I love scallops!"

She didn't end up getting any scallops, but I think she may have had sweet dreams about them while we scarfed 'em down.

On Katie's two-week birthday she attended her first church service.  She wore the dress I smocked for her as soon as I found out she was a girl.  I wish I had a better picture of her in it because she looked so pretty!  She was a perfect angel during church; she slept right through it and never made a peep.  There was a rosebud on the alter for her and she was able to attend her first Holy Communion.  Obviously she didn't receive any bread or grape juice, but we loved getting to pray with her at the alter railing.

Doc's parents spent the better part of a week with us and we loved having them here!  They were such a huge, huge help to me, and I think they really enjoyed getting to spend time with their granddaughter.  I'm kicking myself now for not taking more pictures while they were here.

These two bonded over many bottles.  She loves her Poppa!

And Lala seemed to have the perfect touch to calm her down and put her right to sleep.

I stole this picture from Lala.  I love it!  I have a feeling I'll be getting this look a lot.

Doc and my dad spent last weekend away on their annual boys' weekend trip.  Katie Wynn and I spent the weekend with my mom at her house.  She got to take a nap on my mom's big bed...something all of the grandkids usually enjoy doing!

The weekend was a little bit stressful because I think she had her first growth spurt.  I felt like I couldn't keep her full!! On her 3-week birthday, she got her first taste of formula.  I'm mixing it with breastmilk right now but I think she'll be having bottles of it by itself very soon.  Look at how full her little cheeks have gotten!

Snuggling with Mimi on the front porch...

We survived our second church service even without the guys there to help hold her.  I was nervous to take her by myself but her Aunt Jenny was there to hold her the whole time!  I tried to get a picture of her in her white dress, but she kept sticking her tongue out at me!

That's all the pictures I have for now.  We attempted a fall photoshoot this afternoon so I have lots of pictures to go through and edit.  I have already narrowed it down from 355 pics to 159...there's still a lot to delete!  Hopefully I'll have those soon.

And for any of you that are totally over all these baby posts, don't you worry - I've knocked out some craft projects that I plan on sharing soon too!