Our Weekend

I feel bad that I haven't blogged in a couple days.  Time just keeps getting away from me and I don't know where it all goes!  I had every intention about writing about our weekend earlier but since I didn't do it then, I'll give a shortened version now. Actually, I'll go even further back than this past weekend.  I'll go back to last Wednesday.  That's the day that Doc quit his job.  He left for work bright and early so he could turn in his resignation right when his boss got there and hopefully avoid running into too many coworkers/friends.  He was on his way back home before I even got out of the bed.  (I had a mid-morning appointment so got to sleep in, and ended up taking the whole day off so we could hang out.)  His boss was blind-sided and wasted no time in getting together an offer to make him stay.  After 3 LONG days of negotiations between both his old company and the one he was going to go work for, he finally accepted the offer from his current company.  So Monday of this week he started a new job at the same company.  The whole ordeal was drawn-out and stressful and exhausting, but now that everything's done we're both very happy.  This is a great opportunity for Doc and I'm so glad he took it!

The kids were at our house this past weekend.  Wyatt had a football jamboree bright and early Saturday morning (he and Doc left the house before 6:30!) so Friday night was very low key.  Doc made beer can chicken for the first time ever and it was awesome!  Highly recommended!  You would think we hadn't eaten in days with the way we devoured it.

Saturday afternoon I ran errands with my mom.  We finally got around to picking out a color scheme and fabrics for my nephew on the way.  He should be here in early October so we've got to get busy on his nursery!  I will  post pics when we get it all done.

By dinnertime Saturday evening, Wyatt had started feeling sick.  He had a fever and was in bed sound asleep by 7:30.  Poor guy!  Doc checked on him around 9:30 and he'd completely sweated through his clothes so we figured his fever had broken.

Sunday after church the whole family ended up at my parents' house (with the exception of Erin, who was definitely missed).  I took Bren and Anna up in the attic for me to look for a certain box...the box of all my old barbies!  I was probably the most excited about it, although Bren did do a little jumping up and down.  Anna was a good sport even though she's probably past the barbie age.  (Wait, that probably means I should be too.  Whatever, I love my barbies.)  The girls ditched me after about 45 minutes.  I probably spent 2 hours on the floor of the playroom sorting and organizing all the clothes and accessories.  It was so fun to dig through them all again!  The clothes could all use a good washing and some ironing though...

By the time Doc took the kids home Sunday evening Wyatt was feeling fever-y again.  He ended up going to the doctor Monday morning and found out he had swollen glands and a viral infection.  Thankfully, it was short-lived.  He was back in school on Tuesday.

So that was our weekend.  Sorry for the boring post with no pictures.  I'll try to do better next time.