One Month

It's hard to believe that exactly one month ago from right now, I was just hours away from meeting my sweet little girl!  On the one hand, it seems like she was born just yesterday.  On the other, it seems like she's always been a part of our family.  We're so happy to have her here and she has really been spoiling us by being such a good little girl.  This week she has started sleeping for 8 hour stretches at night!  This mama feels like a new person! I will be taking official monthly photos, but we haven't gotten around to taken the one month picture yet today.  I still haven't decided exactly how I want to do them yet...better figure it out soon since the day's more than half over, huh?!  Last week I attempted to have a little photo shoot with Katie Wynn.  Way easier said than done!  I got LOTS of outtakes, but luckily, I managed to get a few decent ones too.

Here's one of my faves.  I just love the look on her face. :)

I had my mom come over to help me during the photo shoot so that I could have an extra set of hands.  I definitely could not have done it alone!  We completely undressed her at one point to try to get a cute naked picture with her curled up in a galvanized tin that was laying on its side.  The first thing she did when we layed her in it was roll off into the grass.  Oops!  I quickly scooped her up to calm her back down.  She thanked me for holding her by letting out the loudest toot in my lap, allowing my mom to get the picture below on the left.  I looked down to see if anything came out with that toot (picture on the right) and that's when I saw that she was peeing!

So, dear sweet baby girl, if you ever get to read this, please take this as a sign of how much I truly love you.  Even when realizing you were peeing right in my lap, I did not scream or pass you off to your Mimi.  Instead, we took a picture of my soaked lap (for nostalgia's sake) and carried on with the photo shoot.  Yep, I hung out in your pee for about another hour.

I'm glad we kept snapping pics because I was able to get this cute one too.

And these: "Ah, ah, ah..."


Baby sneezes are the best. :)

For the photo shoot, I also carved out a big pumpkin for my little pumpkin to sit in.  This is how she felt about that:

She sat in it for long enough that she eventually quit crying, but I wouldn't say we ever got any real smiles.

This one makes me laugh every time.  She looks like she's so excited about gnawing on some pumpkin (which, yes, she did end up doing!).

The crying eventually came back so her Mimi rescued her from the pumpkin and calmed her down.

Maybe we'll try to have a monthly photo shoot.  Who knows?  Right now, my girl is celebrating this milestone by taking a nap on her belly in her bassinet.  She's just getting too big!  And it's time for her to eat so I'm about to break the cardinal rule and go wake my sleeping baby...