New Bikes!

Our anniversary was last Thursday.  We've officially been married for four years now, and I completely forgot to write a post about it.  {bows head in shame...} Doc decided that for our anniversary plus Mother's Day and Father's Day, we were getting new toys for ourselves!  And that's how we ended up at the bike shop last weekend.

We've been wanting bikes for a while.  Our last neighborhood was perfect for them, but we didn't have any spare room in the garage to store them so we kept holding off on buying any.  Now, with our 3-car garage, we have room!

My requirements were a comfy seat, wide tires, and easy to pedal.  They pointed me to the "cruiser" section and let me test ride several.

Truth be told, I didn't really want a bright hot pink bike.  I was really eyeing the green and turquoise ones, but in the end, this one was the most comfortable for me to ride so it was the winner.  (I promise I won't dress to match it every time I ride it.)  The enormous basket was a bit of an impulse buy.  I was totally sold when the bike guy showed me how it easily pops off and has handles so you can take it into the grocery store with you, do your shopping, and then pop it back on and ride home.  Again, this would've been awesome in our old neighborhood where there was a grocery store within riding distance.  We don't really have one close now, but I got the basket anyway!

Doc's bike is more excercise-y than mine.  He plans on doing longer rides.  I overheard the bike guy telling him this was the "coolest bike in the shop."  He better plan on riding it every day! (Just kidding, Doc.  But only kinda...)

It would make zero sense for us to both have bikes but not have a way for Katie bug to ride along with us, so we also purchased the pull behind trailer.  I kinda love it, and luckily so does she!  It can be used as just a stroller too, and two children can fit in it.

We've already been on several bike rides.  This past weekend, we had Wyatt at our house and he insisted on pulling Katie Wynn on his bike.  He pulled her the whole ride! 

As it turns out, it's a good thing I bought the enormous basket because now Lolli can tag along on our rides too! 

She was a tad bit nervous when I first put her in it, but she never tried to jump out.

We rode all over our neighborhood.

Occasionally I would pull up beside Katie Wynn to see how she was doing.  I got a little wave from her. :)

She was still all smiles at the end of our adventure too.

I guess I'm glad I've been getting some exercise, but I won't lie...sometimes I wish I could sit in the trailer with KW and just be pulled along.