Mother's Day

[By Doc] So, I know that Lucy has thousands of readers, but this post is for 2 special ladies.  Lucy and I are blessed to have two incredible women in our lives - Marcia & Patricia, our moms.

I wanted to take just a minute to list a few words or phrases that make me think of either or both of these women.  Special moments between me and each/both of them.  Mom and Marcia - I love you both, and this is what I think of when I think of you...

Mudder & Gutter


Vegetable Beef Soup

Tears of Joy and Tears of Pride

A hug that makes everything better

An open offer to take ALL of the leftovers

Patience, otherworldy patience

An inability to carry a tune when singing (sorry, I have to be honest)

A role model for my faith

A role model for my daughter

An uncanny ability to always have that random thing that I need buried in some drawer (button, pencil, 47 cents, etc)

Praise for a meal that I have prepared (whether it was good or not - but let's face it, it is usually good)

An honest, thankful appreciation for the morning sunrise

A tearful, respectful twinkle in your eye when you recall stories about your mother

An unashamed love for your grandchildren

Fruit Salad

Watering the flowers

Working harder than you should for less money than you deserve

"I'm hot"/"I'm burning up"

A cold glass of tea - sweet in the South, un-sweetened up North

Pulling together a great family meal with tons of comfort foods

Remembering and compensating for my "white" food issues...

Willingness to pick me up from or take me to the airport at some ungodly hour

The smile I get when I walk through the door....


Mom & Marcia, I hope you both had a great day!  My day was great because of you!