Ben's Birthday Party

Clever blog title, right?  Obviously, I'm going to write about my brother Ben's birthday party.  It was at my house...on the same day as the 27 Dresses bridal shower.  I've decided that any time I clean my house for an occasion, I might as well have everyone I know over that day.  Clean once, entertain all day.  That's how I roll. The last guest from the shower had only been out the door about thirty minutes before my first family member arrived.  Ben's birthday was Sunday and it was a big one for him...the big 3-0.  He was pretty excited - can't you tell?

I cannot pay my brother to smile for the camera.  He just won't do it.  Sigh...

We celebrated his birthday with a few more glasses of the flowers-in-champagne.  I had to make a virgin version with sprite since there's a baby in Erin's belly.

Parker has decided his baby brother or sister will be named Target.  That must be his favorite store.

The guys stood outside and manned the grill.  Look, three smiles!  It's a miracle!

I told them to smile one more time so I could use my flash.  I must've pressed my luck.

Me and my sweet daddy.

Bren sat inside and did what she does best - eat.  The birthday boy stopped eating chips and dip after he saw her licking the dip off her chip and sticking it back in.

I complimented Jettbo on his new haircut.

I asked him if he liked my haircut.  He scrunched up his nose and said, "You look different.  You look like somebody"  And then, as if it just came to him, he said, "You look like a beautiful princess!"  And that, my friends, is when I officially decided I like my haircut.

Every family gathering I try to get a good picture of Bren and her mommy.  I haven't gotten the perfect picture yet, but I will keep trying.  I'm determined to get a shot of them both looking in the same direction and smiling.

Every year my brother requests my mom's Strawberry Pizza for his birthday cake.  It's layers and layers of yummy goodness.

See those matches in the foreground of the picture above?  They were my makeshift candles.  Poor Ben only got one match to blow out.

And that's when I stopped taking pictures.  Good job, Lucy.  Let me assure you that there was lots of birthday singing, cake eating, and present opening.  I just didn't feel the need to document any of that, apparently.

Happy birthday, Ben!  Hope it was great.  Let me know how the thirties are, will ya?