Memorial Day Weekend

We had a great Memorial Day weekend!  Since I don't work on Fridays, I'm lucky enough to enjoy having a long weekend every weekend, but it was nice to have an extra long one and have Doc at home with us on Monday! If you follow me on Instagram, maybe you've noticed that I've been absent for a few days (or maybe you haven't, whatevs).  The cause of my absence is that my phone storage is completely full.  I haven't been able to take any pictures on my phone in days!  Talk about first world problems.  I'm struggling.  I finally sat down to try to sync/backup/whatever my phone tonight so that I could make some room for new photos.  It's running in the background as I type this and is telling me I have something like 19 hours remaining.  Ridiculous.

So, the good thing about my phone being full is that I actually pulled out my real camera this weekend and used it a little bit.  Here are some photos that narrate most of our weekend.

Katie Wynn playing outside with her Daddy.

PRECIOUS.  Her cuteness kills me.

Can't you just hear her little squeals of laughter in this picture?  She LOVES him!!

We invited my parents over for dinner Friday night.  Doc set the grill on fire.  Literally.  Thankfully, he got it all in check and dinner was delicious!

We are in a little bit of a difficult stage right now when it comes to being outside.  KW really wants to be set down so that she can go exploring, but she doesn't understand that the concrete will hurt her little hands and knees.  I finally went inside and grabbed a blanket so that we could play in the grass while Doc cooked.

Mimi joined us on the blanket and was greeted with Lolli kisses!

Two of my favorite ladies!

I had purchased some bubbles from the dollar bin at Target and thought Friday night was the perfect time to bust them out.  Poor Katie bug was not sure what to think about them!

Can't. Catch. Them.

Finally starting to come around and enjoy them.

POP! Right on the forehead!

Poppy joined us on the blanket too.

They are totally smitten with this little girl (and all their other grandchildren too!).

Laughing at Poppy and his silly faces.


I don't have any pictures from Saturday (stupid phone and its storage issues).  Mom, Katie Wynn, and I spent the bulk of the day out shopping.  We are getting ready to redecorate three bedrooms in a friend's house so we had to take advantage of Memorial Day sales!  All fabric and bedding has been purchased.  Now we (read: Mom) have to get busy sewing!

After church on Sunday, we played in the backyard with some out-of-town cousins.  Here are Bren and Mila playing on the swing set.

Sweet girls.  Mila decided they should be sisters because they both have brown hair.

Katie Bug took a short afternoon nap in her Mimi's lap.  I think she woke up a little bit confused!

The big girls begged to push her in the swing.  She enjoyed it at first...

...but when she was done, she was DONE.

Sweet photos of my girl.

Friday night's blanket on the grass was a success so we pulled another one out Sunday afternoon.

Just playing with the toys that all of her cousins have also grown up playing with.

Does anyone know if duck tails are making a comeback?  Or should we have our first haircut soon?

Not a big fan of being straight on the grass.  Gotta get back on that soft blanket!

Sweet Brennie girl came over to play for a minute.

We are officially in the "pots and pans" stage.

It's a pretty loud stage.

Monday - Memorial Day - we attended a ceremony for my grandfather.  I'll save those pictures for a post of their own.

That evening, we joined some friends for a cookout.  Eight adults and seven children...we'll be outnumbered soon!

Here's Stuart, just chilling and watching all the ladies.

Alice was being silly for my camera.  I couldn't ever get a real smile out of her!

Precious Addi Clare was dressed for the occasion and all smiles!

Addi Clare and Katie Wynn were all about checking out Stuart in his bouncy chair.

My girl doesn't know about playing hard to get; she's a little forward.

This picture makes me wonder if we'll be getting kicked out of daycare for having the child that hurts all the other ones.  I sure hope not!  Maybe she just didn't want Addi Clare to get to move in on Stuart.


Anna Charlotte woke up from her nap so she could join the party.  She's a chunky monkey and quite a bit bigger than her twin brother!

Sweet babies!!

It's crazy to me how the look nothing alike yet so similar at the same time.  Here's Stuart.

Here's Anna Charlotte.

Mason was the only other boy there.  He and Stuart are majorly out numbered!  He is a big time cuddle bunny!  Doc had him sound asleep in his arms in no time.  Mason's big sister, Rachel, was there too but she and Alice were too busy playing that I never got a picture of her.  Rats.

The two active babies were still busy playing with the bouncy seat.  See how Katie Wynn is standing?  Two or three times that night, she let go of the hand holding on to something and just stood completely on her own.  Too big, I tell ya!

There's no better way to end a fun Memorial Day than with a bath and some crazy hair!

Silly girl!  She loves chewing on this rubber ducky...thanks, Lala and Papa!

Love that she's got so much hair now!  We legitimately have to brush it now.

This weekend gave us our first real taste of summer.  I have a feeling this is going to be one of our best summers yet!  Can't wait to spend it outside playing with my girl!!