A Plaque for Pepaw

My sweet Pepaw passed away last Fall.  Right up until he got sick, he was still visiting the golf course everyday and checking on golf carts.  You see, he loved the golf course and spent his life taking care of it.  Most people would call the club his second home, but as my Dad said in a speech on Memorial Day, my grandmother would probably argue that the golf course was his first home.  My grandfather spent years maintaining the lawns and fairways, keeping the greens cut short, organizing tournaments, and keeping the golfer's happy.  For a period of time, he ran the Pro Shop and put my Dad and uncles to work cleaning clubs, selling merchandise, and picking up golf balls from the range.  When he retired, he worked in the shop repairing golf carts.  He charged batteries, changed flat tires, and could find a good deal on a used cart if you were in the market to buy one.  Even in his last years, if he was leaving for the day and passed a cart with a tire sitting low, he'd turn around and get his tools, air it up, and leave without the golfer even knowing about his good deed.  It was not uncommon for my Dad to show up for a round of golf only to find that the battery was missing from our family golf cart.  Pepaw would loan it out if someone else's cart died to keep from holding up their tee time while he charged their own battery.

In addition to all that work, I hear he was a pretty fine golfer back in his day, too!

It didn't come as much of a surprise when we learned that the members of the golf course wanted to honor my grandfather with a plaque on the tenth tee box.  Everyone knew him and it only seemed right that his name live on there, not just in the landscapes and the greens, but also in writing.

The ceremony was held on Memorial Day, just before tee time of their annual scramble tournament. 

A lot of our family members came into town for the event.  This was our first time ever taking Katie Wynn to the golf course, and the first time for me to be on the golf course (and not at the pool!) in a long time.  The weather was perfect and I think Katie Wynn loved riding in the golf cart.  (It was my favorite part of going golfing when I was little too!)

Quick family picture while we waited on everyone to arrive.  Our family had a team in the tournament so Doc was staying to play after we had lunch.

Katie bug enjoyed the plaque presentation from her Mimi's lap while I snapped pics on my phone.

The club had set up a tent and chairs for our family members. 

The president of the board welcomed everyone and said a few quick words.

Three of my grandfather's friends spoke about the good ol' days and shared stories of Pepaw.  Finally, my Dad spoke on behalf of the family.

And then Dad and his older brother got to reveal the plaque.

I did the math.  60% of his life was spent at this golf course!  That's a long time, y'all.

Before going inside for lunch, I rounded up my aunts and uncles and grandmother.  I think that's one proud wife and five proud children!

The ceremony was really nice and pretty touching.  It was a perfect tribute to Pepaw.  I can't decide if he were still here if he'd feel honored or if he'd be mad at us for holding up the start of the tournament!