Eggs and Confetti

Sunday morning, we put on our new Easter clothes and headed to church.

The service was good. Long, but still good.  My mom played "How Great Thou Art" with the handbell choir to start the service and they did a great job! The sanctuary was packed so they had a great big audience for their first performance.

After church the whole crew headed over to my parents' house for a big Easter feast.  The babies had a little lunch date together.

(I apologize for the blurriness in some of these pictures. I obviously did not have my focus right.)

A looooves her only girl cousin. She thinks baby B is "so nice."

W had a few card tricks to show my dad.

But it turned out that my dad had a few card tricks up his sleeve too.

After lunch, the kids started going a little crazy waiting for us to get all the eggs hidden.

The big kids had to wait even longer because we decided the little babies would go first. Unfortunately, Baby P was asleep so Baby B had to hunt all by herself.  Her older brother and cousins made sure she had plenty of help.

And, then it was FINALLY time for the big kids to hunt. We lined them up at the front door, shouted that they could go, and they were off!

J-bo got lots of eggs, and he managed to find a lady bug too!

The egg hunt was fun, but I thought the confetti was one of the best parts. We bought these eggs at Kroger to smash on top of each others heads.  We looked like we had been to a grand party after we were done!

We finished up the afternoon with some yummy dessert....chocolate cups of ice cream and homemade cookies. Yum!

I'd be a very bad aunt if I stopped there. Baby P finally woke up from his nap and had an Easter egg hunt and confetti party all on his own. My mom sent me some iPhone photos so I could see.

Sorry for the really long post. I hope you all had a happy Easter too!