Thanksgiving and Football

This past weekend, we celebrated Thanksgiving with my mom's side of the family.  We don't get to see them often enough so I always look forward to their visits.  I usually have to think twice before calling any of the kids by name because they grow so much in between holidays!  Not to mention they're all close in age to the kiddos in our family. Everyone rolled into town at different times Friday night so we had a casual dinner of chili and hot dogs.  I was so busy loving on the babies that I never got my camera out.  Thanks to the rain, we were all stuck inside to play on Saturday morning.  I managed to drag a few family members out to the shop and put them to work.  Seriously, if I'm busy and you're just standing around, I will most definitely find a job for you.  I had my aunt painting in her nice clothes and my cousin helped build a bookshelf.  Probably not what they were expecting to do on our "Thanksgiving" morning.

My mom, with the help of some others, prepared a delicious non-traditional Thanksgiving feast for us.  It was so yummy! And it smelled good while cooking, too.  It made all the little kids belly up to the bar so they could be first in line.

Seeing them lined up at the kitchen island was so cute in real life. My photography skills are lacking though, so I wasn't able to get a super cute picture.  I'll count this one as a win since I have 3-4 people looking at the camera.  I would seriously love to know how professional photographers do it.

Parker was sad that he was being left out of the pictures so we stuck him in there too.

In the picture above we've got Gracie, age 8, next to her little brother Carter, age 2.  Bren, age 2, is in the middle. On the right are Neely, age 4, and her little sister Roany, age 2.  Parker, age 2, is standing up in the back next to my cousin Paige, mom to Neely and Roany and their little brother Sevens, age 1.  Not pictured is Jett, age 5, who hadn't made it back over from basketball camp.  (Also not pictured are Wyatt, age 10, and Anna, age 9, who were are their mom's for the weekend.)   Add to that 14 adults and 2 dogs and you can imagine how wild and crazy it was!  But we wouldn't have it any other way.

Mothers to two-year-old little girls, consider yourselves warned: this little guy is going to be a ladies' man. He's a charmer and has the best manners.  And ooooh, is he cute.  He will win you and your daughters over.

Two chairs, three booties:

During lunch, Parker channeled his inner Elton John and played some tunes for us.  He had to borrow Mr. Potato Head's glasses so he could read his sheet music. 

I somehow managed to avoid taking pictures of any adults.  You're welcome?

Our company left Saturday afternoon and things returned to normal.  Doc picked up the kids so they could stay the night with us and I worked furiously in the shop.  Two and a half weeks to go!  I arrived home Saturday night just in time for some homemade pasta (delicious!) and a visit from our friends Sarah and Charlie.  Guess what they brought with them? The ingredients for cookies and cream milkshakes!  I don't know who was more excited, Anna or me.  Charlie took over in our kitchen and started throwing things in the blender.  I've never thought to add oreos to my milkshakes but man, were they good!  After dessert, Charlie and Doc wore the kids out in a game of football while I took Sarah on a shopping spree in my closet.  It was so good to see them.  And they're welcome back anytime, especially if milkshakes are involved!

By Sunday afternoon, the rain was gone and it was nice enough to play outside again.  Parker and Bren were in such funny moods, they kept making each other giggle about everything!

My dad and Doc joined the bigger kids in a game of football.  Here, Dad gave his teammates the play.

They had a tough defense to get past!

It didn't take Anna long to give up on the football and join Bren in what they do best: swing.

When I returned to the football game, Doc was calling the plays.  My favorite part of the huddle was when Jett looked up and said, "I don't know what 6 yards is!"

The offense lines up for the play.

Doc makes the throw to Jett.

And he's off!

Uh oh.  It looks like the scary defense has made it past Wyatt's block.

And he's down.

Will Wyatt be able to take it all the way this time?

The offense lines up again, this time with Jett as the quarterback.

The intimidating defense lets them know what they're up against.

The throw's been made and Wyatt's got the ball.  His teammates are set to block the defense.

He makes it past the defense and he's Go! Go! All! The! Way!

I'm not sure who won, but I guess Wyatt and Jett were winners either way.  Here are some more shots from the highlight reel.

Have you met Jett? If you have, you know he doesn't do anything, anything, without giggling. Seriously. Even when he's about to be tackled by his Poppy, he's laughing.

Bren didn't really get what all the excitement was about football.  I'm right there with her.

Unfortunately I had to leave the playing up to all of them and return to the shop to work, work, work!  Hopefully all my sweat and hardwork will pay off at the shop sale!

That was our weekend in a nutshell.  How was yours?