Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy heart day, friends!  I hope your day has been full of hugs and kisses and roses and chocolates and balloons and cards and anything else that Hallmark encourages us to buy this time of year!  I, for one, got some brand new socks from my Valentine!  I love me some soft new socks and I love even more that Doc was paying attention last week when I offhand said I needed some new ones.  Yay for practical gifts!  (Not that I would have turned down chocolate.  I love that too.)

I mostly wanted to pop in today to show you the Valentine I whipped up late Saturday night.  Since we got Lollipop on Valentine's weekend last year, it only made sense that she was the star of our Valentine card this year.  And yes, this is a picture of a picture.  I could've uploaded the original .jpeg file, but then you wouldn't have gotten the full effect with the lollipop!  (It's supposed to look like its in her mouth, by the way.)


Sticking the sucker through made the card (picture) a little wavy, but I still think it turned out pretty cute for a last minute idea.  And my coworkers seemd to enjoy them so I call it a success.  Yay!

That's it.  Hugs and kisses and all that other Valentine-y stuff!